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Water retention can masquerade as many other health problems, including arthritis, high blood pressure, PMS, pregnancy pre-eclampsia, idiopathic cyclic edema and chronic venous insufficiency.

Although it is often used for losing water weight, the Waterfall Diet is not just a weight-loss diet. It is a medical diet for the treatment of water retention, so can help to relieve any health problem which is mainly due to water retention.

Here are some stories from my case-book.

Marjorie: A Case Of Fatigue and Arthritis

Marjorie was a 48 year-old supervisor of a care home for the elderly. Despite a strict calorie-controlled diet, and being on her feet from 7 am until sometimes 9 pm most days of the week, up and down stairs, her weight would not budge from 12 stone (168 lbs). Worst of all, it was creeping slowly upwards despite eating little but salad with a small portion of lean grilled meat or fish, and thin wheat crackers for the last four years.

To find clues as to what might be causing Marjorie’s problem, I asked her if she ever suffered from niggling ailments like lack of energy, premenstrual symptoms, joint pains or headaches. It turned out that Marjorie’s doctor had diagnosed her with osteoarthritis because she had a constant pain in her knees, made much worse by walking upstairs. Marjorie had to take painkillers every day for her knee pains.

When I looked at Marjorie’s knees, they appeared quite swollen. I was fairly sure that Marjorie did not have arthritis at all, but water retention. I put Marjorie on the Waterfall Diet. After a few days, I got an excited phone call. ‘I just can’t seem to get off the loo,’ she told me, ‘I’ve been producing buckets and buckets of urine, and my clothes are so loose they’re hanging off me!’

Marjorie lost nearly 14 lbs in that first week. Two weeks later when she saw me again, she was ecstatic. ‘I’ve been constantly on the loo again and have lost another 7 lbs. My knee pains have completely gone, and I’m feeling so full of energy for the first time in years that I’m going to start an exercise class next week!

Marjorie lost a total of 22 lbs on Phase I of the Waterfall Diet, and to tell the truth it was extremely hard for me to get her off it. She was buying new clothes since her old ones didn’t fit her any more, toning up her body with exercises, and starting to take care of her appearance again. Within a few short months she was looking 10 years younger. The Waterfall Diet had helped Marjorie release excess water which was not only making her overweight but was also giving her fatigue and arthritis.

Barbara: A Case Of Pregnancy Pre-Eclampsia

Barbara consulted me in 1992 when she was seven months pregnant. She was aged 23 and a vegetarian, and it was her first baby.

She came somewhat reluctantly, brought along by her mother-in-law, because food was a problem. Her appetite was so poor that she only ate foods for their taste, not from hunger. While the rest of the family had a complete meal, she might pick only at a piece of cheesecake. Yet in spite of this she was very overweight.

Barbara was badly anaemic. Her haemoglobin levels had been progressively dropping since the early stages of pregnancy, despite increasing doses of iron prescribed by her GP and then by the hospital she attended. By the time she consulted me, her skin was extremely pale, and the anaemia was giving her severe water retention, particularly in her legs. The extra fluid was making Barbara overweight, and pushing her blood pressure sky high, and both Barbara and the baby were at risk. Barbara agreed to see me because her doctor wanted to keep her in hospital in order to give her iron injections. She had refused this, and was desperately seeking alternatives.

Barbara’s diet history was problematic, with a lot of fat, white bread, chocolate, fried and convenience foods and biscuits/cookies. She had received counselling about iron-rich foods recently from a hospital dietician, but told me that she couldn’t follow the advice because she had no appetite.

In taking Barbara’s history, I found that she also suffered from permanent sores in her mouth. For the first few months of her pregnancy she had felt nauseous 24 hours a day. I explained to Barbara that her dangerously high blood pressure was due to water retention, which in turn was due to anaemia caused by mineral deficiencies. But in Barbara’s case her symptoms pointed to zinc, not iron, as the deficient mineral. In fact I believed that the very large doses of prescribed iron were making her anaemia worse by interfering with zinc absorption from her food.

I asked Barbara to obtain permission from her doctor to stop the iron supplements, and I gave her instructions to follow along the lines of the Waterfall Diet.

To her doctor’s amazement, Barbara’s haemoglobin levels started to rise within days, and she went on to produce a healthy baby.

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Linda Lazarides is Course Director of the School of Modern Naturopathy and author of eight books on health, nutrition and naturopathy.

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