Waterfall Diet FAQ: Can I eat…?

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If you have tried to email me with a question about whether you can eat a particular food on the Waterfall Diet, I’m sorry that you probably did not get an answer, as the cost of my books is quite low and doesn’t allow for time spent on personal support.

The strangest question I got was ‘Can I eat wheat grass?’ I didn’t quite understand why it was so important for the lady in question to eat grass! But the same advice applies to her as to everyone else who thinks of a food they would like to include.

The general rule is, if it’s not on the ‘No’ list and if none of the ingredients are on the ‘No’ list, then you can eat it.

For processed foods, simply look at the list of ingredients and check them against the ‘No’ list. E.g. if a supermarket product is just beans and tomato, neither of these ingredients are on the ‘No’ list. But ‘modified starch’ or anything else that sounds like an additive is a ‘No’.

Use fresh products whenever possible. Tetrapacks, plastic bottles and cans are lined with plastic which leeches oestrogen-like chemicals into the contents.  These products cannot be avoided completely, so just be aware and use alternatives when possible.

If you are in any doubt at all, it’s best to stick just to a good variety of items on the Yes list, or follow the suggested meal and snack suggestions for a week or two. This will give you a good balance of nutrients and a benchmark. Then if you really can’t live without eating wheat grass you will at least be able to compare its effects with how you felt during the first two weeks on the diet.

Certain products seem to have left a lot of  people unsure. So, based on enquiries received from readers, here are foods to be added to your ‘Yes’ list and ‘No’ list.

100% Cocoa powder*
Bitter chocolate*
Coconut oil
Curry spices
Miso (wheat-free varieties)
Shellfish and seafood
Tamari sauce

*Can be used occasionally and sparingly
[1]Not available in the UK.

Agave syrup
Maple syrup
Vinegar (all kinds)
Highly processed soy products: TVP and ISP

People have also asked about the meat substitute Quorn. This falls into the ‘I don’t know’ category as it’s not something I’ve ever bought or eaten. To be on the safe side I recommend that you avoid it for a couple of weeks and then if you have a brand that is free of additives, salt and ‘NO’ ingredients you can try testing it to see if it has any effect on your water retention.

‘I don’t want to eat soy’

Tofu and soy milk are some of the foods in the ‘Yes’ list, but this doesn’t mean you have to eat them. None of the items in the Yes list are compulsory, so please, please don’t send me emails asking me what you can eat instead of soy milk. Just omit it.

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