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Treat Yourself with Nutritional Therapy

Download Linda Lazarides’ crash course in looking and feeling better. 300 pages packed with condensed information based on years of trawling through research. More than 100 delicious healthy recipes, wheat-free, dairy-free, yeast-free, egg-free, sugar-free. Covers cholesterol, blood pressure, heart, autoimmunity, fatigue, thyroid, liver, kidneys etc. Popular with students of naturopathy, nutrition, dietetics. Much information not found elsewhere. $15.00 instant download or buy the book from Amazon.


Low-Carb Dieting and the Waterfall Diet

Low-carb diets are for losing body fat. The Waterfall Diet is for losing hidden water retention. Now for the first time in this condensed 36-page e-guide Linda Lazarides explains how to combine both types of dieting to lose more weight. Full instructions given for the Waterfall Diet including foods to eat and avoid, and six sample recipes.
A Reader: “I lost a pound when I got up Saturday and another today, Sunday. I have never lost two pounds in two days on any diet before.” $12.00 instant download.


15 Waterfall Diet Recipes

If you’re about to try the Waterfall Diet you’ll love to download these delicious extra recipes to help you enjoy it. $5.00 instant download.


Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets (NEW!)

A cutting-edge new weight loss and body-shaping programme to help you lose 3 inches in 3 months. Helps to rebalance the hormones that control belly fat, fights bloating and water retention, and teaches an amazing new way of walking that gives your tummy muscles a workout! $14.99 instant download.

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Nutritional Health Bible

Nutrition and health database containing a vast amount of concise information. Look up anything, anytime at the touch of a button. Many clickable hyperlinks for cross-referencing. Good educational tool with plenty of advanced information and scientific references. Good for nutritionists, dieticians, students and teachers of natural medicine.$15.00 instant download.


Nutritional Medicine & Naturopathy Professional Factsheets

39 condensed factsheets for health professionals and students amounting to over 80,000 words. Deal with many topics not covered in current natural or functional medicine textbooks and reference works, e.g. nutrition for babies and the elderly, food aversions and addictions, the microcirculation, cell membranes, kidneys, effects of protein excess, peroxidation, gluten and casein mishandling, metabolic sediment, mo(u)lds and mycotoxins, low blood pressure, vitiligo, summary of Ayurvedic principles, etc. $20.00 instant download.


Diet-Symptom Analyzer

Download this software that analyses your lifestyle and any niggling ailments to see whether you could benefit from nutritional testing. Type in the lifestyle changes you think you could make and see the potential benefits. The DSA is also used by professional naturopaths to construct dietary treatments. Requires Excel 2000 or later. $29.95 instant download.


Amino Acid Report

Both consumers and nutrition practitioners will find this E-book extremely good value for money. It deals with amino acids in the body, in food and as therapeutic supplements, e.g. for boosting memory, athletic performance, weight loss, detoxification, sex drive and coping with stress, arthritis and depression. Compares the amino acid content of many common foods. Did you know that meat and animal proteins are not always the best sources of some amino acids? Very useful for vegetarians. Scientific references given. $10.00 instant download or buy the book from Amazon.


Principles of Nutritional Therapy

Environmental pollutants and the use of antibiotics and other drugs cause changes in the body which can affect its ability to absorb and assimilate nutrients. Widespread nutritional deficiencies causing much chronic illness have resulted from this in our society. Discover how nutritional therapists work, what responds to their treatments, and what happens when you consult one. Originally published as a Thorsons book in 1996, this 2005 E-book edition has been updated. $5.00 instant download.


Facts of Health Factsheets (FULL SET)

Download 60,000 words of condensed, in-depth information for those who are serious about health. $15.00 instant download.


HIV Self-Help Manual

Many scientists with impeccable qualifications say that HIV treatments are inappropriate because HIV is not a virus and does not cause AIDS. This powerful E-Book manual summarizes the arguments and suggests techniques for repairing damage to the immune system. Non-profit price. $5.00 instant download.

The downloads are in pdf file format and can be viewed with Acrobat Reader. This is installed on most computers, or you can download it free of charge here.

Linda Lazarides is Course Director of the School of Modern Naturopathy and author of eight books on health, nutrition and naturopathy.

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