Flat Stomach Diet

Have you ever wondered what causes middle-age spread? Why does the waistline keep expanding after a certain age, even when you are exercising the same and not eating any more?

Packed with little-known information, Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets explains the five main causes of an expanding waistline and includes a comprehensive program and 7-day diet to begin to tackle it. You could lose as much as three inches from your waistline in three months. Discover

  • How to avoid developing obsessive food cravings
  • How to rebalance the hormones that control belly fat
  • A cool way of walking that powerfully works out your tummy muscles at the same time
  • What is intestinal plaque and how it can cause bloating
  • A deep-cleansing routine to tackle bloating, gas and water retention.

We guarantee this book is loaded with startling and astonishing facts that few people know. When Linda Lazarides was writing it she was shocked at how much information that could help you control your weight is being kept very quiet to protect sales in the food & drug industry. SO quiet, even many nutritionists don’t realize that some foods which people have been buying in the supermarket for years have been putting their fat-gain hormones into overdrive.

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Warning: Stay away from ‘diet’ foods

The scientific evidence is pointing an accusing finger at so-called ‘diet’ foods containing artificial sweeteners. It seems that they are very good at doing one thing–triggering hunger and making people eat more! Research has shown that rats fed with diet yoghurt get fatter, not thinner, compared with rats fed on ordinary yoghurt. Trials on humans showed similar results.

These facts and more can be found in Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets (paperback) available from bookstores or from

If you’re in a real hurry, you can download the e-book version of Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets here

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Linda Lazarides is Course Director of the School of Modern Naturopathy and author of eight books on health, nutrition and naturopathy.

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