Water retention

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(also see Premenstrual Syndrome)

Some causes of water retention

  • Excess capillary permeability due to (bio)flavonoid deficiency
  • Excess salt consumption
  • Excess sugar consumption
  • Food intolerances
  • Protein deficiency
  • Vitamin B6 and magnesium deficiencies.

16 individuals were studied before and after consuming 75 grams of sugar (glucose). As levels of insulin rose the urinary excretion of sodium dropped significantly. (Sodium retention promotes water retention). Natali A et al: Relationship between insulin release, antinatriuresis and hypokalaemia after glucose ingestion in normal and hypertensive man. Clin Sci (Colch) 85(3):327-35, 1993.

Promising nutritional research

Ginkgo biloba extract (rich in flavonoids) was found to correct excess capillary permeability and reverse consequent water retention in all cases in a group of 15 patients. Lagrue G et al: Idiopathic cyclic edema. The role of capillary hyperpermeability and its correction by Ginkgo biloba extract (in French). Presse Med 15(31):1550-3, 1986.

More information on the causes of water retention (smartphone-friendly site)

Information compiled by Linda Lazarides
Naturopathic Nutritionist, Author, Educator

Linda Lazarides is Course Director of the School of Modern Naturopathy and author of eight books on health, nutrition and naturopathy.

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