The Big Healthy Soup Diet

Most of the popular diets around at the moment don’t really address two big problems for dieters: food cravings and water weight. If you continue to suffer from cravings then you will simply start bingeing as soon as you come off your diet, and your weight will return to its previous level.

Soup can help to combat both these problems, and in Linda Lazarides’ experience as a nutritionist, eating the right kind of soup is by far the quickest and easiest way to get down to your target weight.

While the cabbage soup diet is already well known, Linda’s research shows that the benefits of soup dieting are not confined to just cabbage soup. Not only is soup a wonderful aid to weight loss, it is also a fantastic convenience food: easy to make, delicious, filling and low in calories.

All these benefits help dieters stay on track, and many followers of Linda Lazarides’ Big Healthy Soup Diet have gratefully told her it is the only diet they have ever been able to stick to.

Varieties Of Soup

Soup can be thick or thin, smooth or chunky, or a combination of the two. Healthy ingredients and power foods can be combined effortlessly to maximize weight loss or combat ailments such as water retention.

Linda has written up all her discoveries and published them in her book entitled the Big Healthy Soup Diet. The book includes 60 delicious soup recipes to help you lose weight. Linda has tested them all herself and has taken care to help readers produce perfect and delicious soups on each occasion, even if you are not the world’s best cook.

Power Foods Are Important Ingredients

Linda’s soup recipes include many power foods to help you get to your target weight fast and effortlessly, and help to keep it there. Everybody wants maximum weight loss for minimum effort, and Linda truly believes the Big Healthy Soup Diet comes very close to this ideal.

Many of the soups in this book make satisfying one-pot meals. Best of all, you can return for second helpings as you won’t be piling on the calories. The warmth and liquid of soup fills you up quickly, and the recipes make extensive use of power foods which slow down carbohydrate absorption and help to prevent surges in the hormones which stimulate appetite.

Compatible With Low-Carb, GI And Other Diets

If you are currently following a diet and don’t feel ready just yet to make a change, don’t worry–the Big Healthy Soup Diet book has lots of recipes suitable for GI diets and conventional low-carb and detox diets. There are also several NEW cabbage soup recipes.

On the other hand if just want to be healthy, and don’t need to lose pounds, then simply add the soup recipes to your normal diet. A large bowl of soup can provide the recommended three servings a day of fresh vegetables which help to prevent cancer and heart disease. And there are fruit soup recipes too.

The recipes in the Big Healthy Soup Diet book are full of power foods to help rejuvenate your body systems, balance your hormones and combat the effects of stress.

Useful Information

The book also includes lots of useful information:

  • Amazing soup research: explains how soup helps you lose weight
  • What ingredients can help to keep you feeling full
  • How to control the hormones that makes you fat
  • How some cream soups might actually be good for you!
  • How cabbage soup works
  • Power foods you can add to soup to aid weight loss
  • How Yin and Yang are involved in weight loss
  • How to combat water retention, which can be a major cause of excess pounds
  • Which supplements can aid weight loss

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Linda Lazarides is Course Director of the School of Modern Naturopathy and author of eight books on health, nutrition and naturopathy.

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