Weight Loss

Linda Lazarides is the author of three weight loss books, all designed to help different types of weight problem:

The Waterfall Diet
The Big Healthy Soup Diet
Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets.

The Waterfall Diet is a programme for losing water weight and combating health problems caused by water retention. It looks at the many different causes of water retention and provides a self-test so that you can find out what is causing your water retention and how to relieve it. Some foods can encourage this condition, others can help to prevent it. Many other factors such as exercise, and the condition of heart and kidneys are involved.
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The instructions for the waterfall diet can also be found in Linda Lazarides 32-page E-book entitled Low-Carb Dieting and the Waterfall Diet.

The Big Healthy Soup Diet is designed to help people reduce the amount of calories in their daily diet without suffering from hunger and food cravings. Because of its warmth and high liquid content, soup is energising, filling and satisfying. You can feel full on a smaller calorie intake.  Research shows that soup reduces cravings for other foods.  You can also add many power ingredients which aid weight loss and improve health and energy. The Big Healthy Soup Diet can be purchased from

It has been recently discovered that some foods can put belly fat gain into overdrive and intensify food cravings due to their hormonal action. Linda’s Flat Stomach Secrets Programme aims to rebalance the hormones that control belly fat. It is a cutting edge plan with much information that you won’t find elsewhere. The programme combines easy but effective tummy exercises with a diet optimally designed for belly fat loss.  There is also a deep cleansing routine for people who suffer from bloating and tummy gas.
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Linda Lazarides is Course Director of the School of Modern Naturopathy and author of eight books on health, nutrition and naturopathy.

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